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For organisations...

Support your team, and help them reach their potential 

Workplace coaching can create an environment where employees feel supported, engaged and enthusiatic about their role. It can help retain your best people, and encourage team success.

Whether you are looking to help your staff navigate change, adapt to new working practices or simply help them thrive in the new post-pandemic environment, coaching is a great tool to have in place.

Corporate Coaching Packages

1:1 Worplace Coaching

Support your employees to take control of their career and  reach their potential


The Workplace Coaching programme can help employees:

  • Navigate organisational change or team reorganisation

  • Find their feet in a new role, or following promotion

  • Develop effective communication and relationship building strategies

  • Build effective stress management techniques, and overcome challenges such as Impostor Syndrome.

Coach in Residence

Building a culture of coaching within an organisation can help employees feel empowered, and provide aconfidential sounding space in which ideas and solutions can be discussed.


A coach in residence package contains an agreed number of confidential sessions / hours or days a month when nominated employees or teams can book in for sessions. 

These sessions can be done via Zoom, or in the Organisation's office (London and SE only.)


For more information about coaching within an organisation, and what it might look like for your team, book in for a free call with me below.



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