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Hi, I'm Vicki...

A qualified executive and career coach, ex-Forensic Accountant, marathon runner, drinker of way too much tea, and mum to 2 boisterous boys.

Having been there myself,  I know what it's like to feel like something's not quite in your career.


On paper, my job was great - interesting work, well paid, lovely people, but I just couldn't put my finger on why thing's weren't 'clicking'...

Some days were great, but some days...

  •  I felt like I was just treading water in a career I couldn't see my future in, just going through the motions day after day, week after week.

  • I worried that career opportunities were just passing me by, and that I'd wake up in 10 years time still doing the same thing

  • I was overwhelmed with the idea of trying to figure out how to make things better, and terrified at the thought that maybe this was just 'it' for me

 And so I did what most people do - I just kept plodding on, reading more and more self help books, scrolling through more and more jobs boards, trying to convince myself that everything would work out.

Speaking to friends it became clear that I wasn't on my own in feeling a bit lost with my career, a bit disappointed that I had worked so hard for something which ultimately wasn't right for me. So many people around me were feeling the same thing, but - like me -  they were stuck, not knowing how to take the next step, or even what that next step might be which would help them build a career that was right for them.

I'd been dabbling in coaching at work for a while at this point,  and my mountain of self helps books had provided me with ample evidence of the type of person I was, the kind of work I wanted to be doing.  But it wasn't until I was offered professional coaching myself that things started to come together - using coaching I could help people explore, define and create the careers that were right for them, rather than just suffering through a groundhog day like existence in a soul-less 9-5.

Having gone through the career transition process myself, I understand how scary and daunting it can be. However I also understand how life changing finding work that's right for you is.

Just imagine...

  •  Knowing what you are looking for from your career, and what’s important to you – whether that is the flexibility to pick up kids from school, go to the gym or finding time for the things you are passionate about.  

  • exploring roles that align with your skills and strengths and that, most importantly, make you excited to get out of bed in the morning!

  • the positive impact enjoying what you do could have on those around you - it you are feeling energised, excited and fulfilled by what you do, what would it mean for those closest to you?

  • having the headspace to think about the things you love doing, rather than feeling like you should be constantly be focusing on figuring out the next step in your career.

For me, the process of building a more aligned career became wrapped up in having a family - and I'm so fortunate that I get to split my time between my boys and my business. Working for myself has given me the flexibility and freedom that I've needed with a young family, but at the same time providing me with the intellectual challenges that my brain craves.


I'm not going to lie - it has been tough at times but the joy and satisfaction I get from working with wonderful people bringing their career dreams to life makes my heart sing.  

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Realising that you have a choice not to suffer through a career that's not right for you is a game changer.

Want to know more? Let's have a chat!

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