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Why getting started is so hard

Most of us, myself included are not that great at setting goals. We think we might like to ‘eat better’, ‘lose weight’, ‘redecorate the living room’ etc, but never actually get round to starting because the goal is too big, we can’t see our path through it.

It is just the same with career change. We set ourselves a goal of ‘finding the perfect career’ – how big is that? You don’t get much bigger! And then we wonder why 6 months down the line we find ourselves still stuck on the sofa reading ‘inspirational’ articles and doing the personality tests that pop up periodically on facebook, and waiting for that lightening bolt of inspiration to hit. We convince ourselves that everything will be just fine as soon as we find our magic unicorn – it’ll then be simple to get that dream job.

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Well, sorry to burst your bubble. But magic unicorns are unlikely to knock on your door while you are sitting on the sofa in your PJs. By all means wait and see, but if you don’t want to be in the same place in 6 months time, reading the same articles and doing the same pointless personality tests then you are going to have to take some action.

So what can you do to get started, when everything just feels too big? I’ve listed out 4 things you can do TODAY to overcome that feeling of “aaarrrrggghhh!” and start moving towards where you want to be career-wise:

1. Commit time

Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

I know we are all busy, but career change takes time and effort. So when could you block out some time each week to make things happen? If you absolutely cannot see any time in your week, then I would think about how badly you want to make a change in your career – if you want it badly enough you will find the time. Harsh, I know. But true.

2. Focus

For each block of time you allocate, know what you want to accomplish in that block, for example, researching the training needed to become a midwife, or contact 3 people working in social enterprises in east London. Doing this will not only keep you on track but will also help build momentum. Once the momentum starts to build you will soon start to see your way becoming clearer.

3. Work with your strengths

If you are someone that loves meeting lots of new people all at once, throw yourself into a networking event or conference. However, if you prefer 1:1 time with people, consider phone calls / Skype or coffee catch ups. If what you have planned brings you out in a cold sweat then consider how you can dial it back a bit so that it is still a stretch, but not enough to send you into full on panic mode.

4. Find some cheerleaders

Career change and development are big steps, and you will find the whole process much more enjoyable if you share it with others. Whether that is a loyal friend, a coach, or a group of likeminded people online, having people to share the highs and lows with could be the difference between building the career you want and deserve, and getting stuck along the way.

I hope that’s been helpful – any questions, as always feel free to drop me a message. If you have been inspired to take action to build the career that’s right for you then click here to book your free 20 minute Discovery call to see how we can work together. I also run a free facebook group – The Returnity Lounge – pop over and say hello!

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