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September - new term vibes?

There is something about September – a new school term, a new start etc. As long as I can remember, my mind has thought in school years, and continues to do so, despite having left education over 15 years ago!

Nowadays, I like to think of September as a kind of scaled down New Year - a chance to press restart and have another go at achieving the goals you set earlier in the year, but without the pressure of the ‘New Year, New You’ machine.

And so if you are feeling the post-holiday blues and looking towards winter with trepidation, why not use the ‘September feeling’ to get back on track professionally, and end the year on a high of achievement and success? The alternative is slogging through the last few months of the year, with the intention of starting afresh in the new year (because we all know how that goes…!)

Personally, I am ramping up my 1:1 coaching work, with another 3 spots opening from mid-September, and restarting the decluttering process that I was tackling before I got side tracked by playing with my toddlers in the garden.

Here are my top tips for making the most of the last 3 months of the year:

(1) Look back at the career resolutions and goals you set back in January – how many of them have you succeeded at? Celebrate your successes! And of the ones that have fallen by the wayside, which are still relevant now? If they are still things that resonate with you, feel free to pick them back up, but if not, don’t feel bad about letting them go.

(2) Consider why certain resolutions and goals have gone unfulfilled – is it (a genuine) lack of time, that dreaded ‘should’ feeling, or something else? What can you put in the place to ensure you are successful this time around?

(3) Put together a plan of action for each goal with specific steps, action points and milestones taking you up to the end of the year – once you start ticking off these steps, it will become a powerful motivational tool to keep you moving forward. If you need accountability, feel free to come and join my Facebook group - The Returnity Lounge - share your goals and let us help you stay on track.

With 3 months left before the chaos of the Christmas period, there is still plenty of time to get things done and end the year on a high, as well as setting yourself up for an even more successful 2020 – so what are you going to do?

If you’d like to learn more about career coaching and how it could help you get you to where you want to be, feel free to get in touch. I also run a free Facebook group – The Returnity Lounge – so why not head over and say hello?

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