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Is it February yet?

So how was your January? Still smashing through those goals and resolutions with the same enthusiasm as you did on January 2nd or 3rd?

If you are still going strong, amazing, that’s brilliant work! Make sure to take the time to celebrate hitting those milestones.

However, if like most of us, things aren’t going quite to plan, don’t be disheartened. According to US News magazine, 80% of resolutions have fallen by the way side by the start of February, so you are in good company.

So what can you do to get back on track? Below I’ve set out a 4-step plan to help you have a successful February….

1) Reflect – this is a really crucial first step. Take a look again at the goals you set at the start of the year. And now look again – are they still relevant to you? Did you put ‘lose weight’ because you felt you ‘should’ or because you actually want to? If there are still goals that resonate with you, then keep them on the list, anything else can be crossed out.

2) Review – now look at the goals that remain on your list. Think about earlier in the month when you started out. What got in the way? What led to the goal being dropped? Whether it was a long day at work, a cold or some other kind of set back, write it down and then come up with 3 ways to get round it – for example, if you stopped going to the gym because you had to work late a couple of nights, could you go before work, run at lunchtime or do a YouTube workout at home when you get in?

3) Refine – look at your goals. Do you know exactly what you are doing and by when? ‘get more sleep’ is not a goal. ‘Go to bed by 10.30pm 4 nights a week’ is a goal. For each of your goals, you should be as specific as possible with the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ and also add a time frame to keep you accountable. Make sure your goals relate to you. You can’t have a goal relating to another person – you have to take charge of your own success!

4) Re-focus – make sure your goals are written out and stuck where you will see them often eg the fridge, or the bathroom mirror. Take some time each weekend to look back at the week just gone and celebrate your success, and then look forward to the week ahead and plan in actions that will help you meet your goals eg specific gym sessions or classes, and identify times when you may need to employ the alternative strategies you devised above.

I hope these tips have been useful. The start of the year can be a tough time for creating new and lasting habits, and I’d love to hear what works for you. You can drop me a line here or find out more about the coaching I do here.

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