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Choose your cheerleader

When you have a new idea, a new plan or make a major step toward achieving something you have been working on for a while, it can be incredibly tempting to shout it from the rooftops, so that everyone can join you in being excited, in celebrating your achievements or cheer you on in your latest endeavours.

But how many times have you excitedly rushed to share your latest success, or pinned your plan to the fridge full of determination, only to have your bubble burst, ensuring you end up deflated, or give up before you even start?

Therefore, next time you think announcing your big success or next goal, take a moment to consider who you are going to share this news with – choose your cheerleader.

It may seem strange that we should have to hide the things we are most excited about but the reality is that not everyone is going to be happy about your latest promotion or your decision to lose weight. They may feel that they are being left behind, envious of your success or nervous that you are going to ‘rock the boat’ with you changes, and so do their best to sabotage you – even if they don’t mean to.

So how can you avoid these would-be saboteurs?

1. Consider your news – jumping up and down about a new promotion is not likely to go down well with a friend struggling with her career, even if she is your friend, so consider sharing your news with friends unconnected with work, or with those who you know it will be well received.

2. Think about your support network – If you are planning a new challenge such as weight loss or a fitness regime, consider who is likely to help you. Chances are it isn’t going to be the friend you always get a takeaway with, or the one who hates exercise. Think about approaching friends with similar goals, and sharing your plans and successes with them. Being accountable to them, and having people to celebrate your successes with, may help you achieve more than you think you can.

3. Offer to be a cheerleader to someone else – if you know someone who is struggling with saboteurs, offer to be their sounding board. Seeing the effect of support on another person can really help with motivation

So when you next take that major step forward, before setting yourself up for upset by shouting it from the rooftops, consider who your cheerleaders are. Revel in your successes with them, and use this momentum to carry on towards achieving your goals.

If you’d like to discuss how you can use me as your cheerleader, then please get in touch!

Top photo by Asa Rodger on Unsplash

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