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Choice (or, which cake to choose first)

I was lucky enough to join a wonderful friend for a birthday afternoon tea at Cannizaro House on Saturday, and when the cakes arrived, we both looked at them, and had a moment of panic – we didn’t know which to choose first…

Don’t worry, we soon overcame our issues and polished off the lot.

Choice. It’s a loaded word, a positive word full of possibilities. What does the idea of choice mean to you?

And if you think about your career? What does the word ‘choice’ mean then?

- You had a choice to go into the career we started out in.

- You have made choices about the direction of your career.

- You have a choice to make the best of the career you have invested time and energy in.

- You have a choice to make a change and try something new.

And this is where for many people, the idea of choice is gone – they feel they have no choice but to stay in a job that doesn’t excite or challenge them. Responsibilities like family, mortgage etc lead them to the conclusion that career change isn’t possible, it’s not for them.

But what if you could choose to do something different – what would it be?

And now – what if you chose, everyday, to take a small step towards that goal? Speak to someone new, read a book on a new topic, study something new?

Where could you be in a month, in 6 months, in a year? Just because you can’t choose to leave your job right now does not mean you cannot choose to change career in the future. If you long to do something different, make that choice today, and then find a way to make it happen.

Thinking back to the cakes (and they really were very good), by starting with one, and working our way through slowly, we got to really savour and enjoy them. It is the same with changing career really – pick a point to start at, whether that is talking to someone in the field you want to move in to, or reading a book on a new subject, then when you have done that, look at your next step. There is really no need to dive in headlong and try to do everything at once (or eat all the cake in one go…)

Working with a career coach is a choice, it is a commitment to making a change, whether now or in the future. When I work with clients, I am always inspired by the choices that they make, and their desire to make them a reality. I love helping them explore the ‘how’ around their future plans, as well as working out their ‘why’.

You can choose to have a career you love, and so if you’d like to see explore how can we can work together, then please get in touch.

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