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5 reasons to hire a career coach (and how to find the right one for you).

A Career coach is for you if you want to make changes in your career – sounds simple eh? They will help you set big goals, explore your next steps, get out of your own way and start moving towards wherever it is you want to be, even if it feels a million miles away right now.

“But Vicki, of course you are going to say that, you are a Career Coach!”.

Yeh, I know. But the reason that I say it, is that I believe it! Without the coach who showed me the way I would not be here. I went from working long hours in a job that I knew wasn’t right for me, to working around my kids, talking to lots of wonderful women about building the careers that they deserve and that work them and their families.

Can you do it on your own? Maybe. Can a coach make the process easier, faster and more enjoyable? Definitely!

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps build a bridge between where you currently are and where you would like to be. And having a coach to walk across the bridge with you is far more effective that trying to do it all alone.

“How?” I hear you ask – well, a coach’s role is to use powerful questions and tools to dig down into what it is you really want, what has been holding you back and the skills and strengths you have that can make the goal a reality.

As if that wasn’t enough, here are 5 great reasons to hire a career coach:

1) You make a commitment to yourself and to the coach

By investing in a coach you are investing in yourself, and will therefore take much more action than if you were just going it alone.

2) You will find a role that is more in alignment with your values

Rather than just helping you move from job to job, a coach will help you dig into what’s important to you, and the end result will be a career in which you will thrive, rather than just survive.

3) You will overcome your own limiting beliefs

That little devil on your shoulder? The one that starts nattering away that ‘you can’t do it’ or that ‘no one will pay you to do that’? A coach will help you recognise these thoughts for what they are – just thoughts rather than facts – and help you develop a mindset that is more focused on growth and development.

4) You will get out of your comfort zone and start moving forward

When it is just you and a laptop, endlessly scrolling through career change articles, it is much easier to stay in your pyjamas, firmly in your comfort zone rather than going to an networking event or exploring a new potential idea by actually talking to people (gasp!) . Having a coach tracking your moves can help push you to try things you didn’t think possible, and then push a little bit further.

5) You will gain a cheerleader!

Talking to friends and family about careers can be a tricky thing – however, a coach is an independent set of ears, a sounding board solely focused on helping you get the best out of yourself. There is no vested interest, no ulterior motive, and so they are the best people to be sharing your wins and successes with.

And so now you have seen all the benefits of hiring a career coach, before you dash off and start googling “career coach near me” here are some things to consider when looking for the right one for you…

1) Consider the chemistry – this is my number 1 tip. If you are going to be working 1:1 with someone, you want to be able to talk to them, to feel at ease with them. I would always recommend having a call with any potential coach to see if you ‘click’ before committing to working with them.

2) Examine their training – Coaching is still an unregulated industry, with anyone able to call themselves a coach without any actual training. However, there are a number of training bodies in the UK who are accredited to the International Coaching Federation, and so I would always recommend looking for a coach who has this level of training.

3) Think about their coaching experience – has the coach worked with people in your situation before? Have you seen any testimonials? Think about the interactions you have had with the coach – do you feel they have the right experience to help you?

4) Evaluate the investment – I’m not going to lie, coaching can be expensive, but before you rush off to the cheapest coach you can find, look what you are getting for your money – how many calls, psychometric testing, other support, and consider how much this process is worth to you. In the same way that you wouldn’t necessarily go for the cheapest builder, consider what you are actually getting for your money when looking at coaches.

5) Look at logistics – Before committing to working with a coach, think about how you would work together. It is no good signing up with a coach who only works 9-5pm, if you need coaching after work in the evening. Or likewise, if you want face to face sessions, choosing a coach that lives hours away may not be the most sensible move…

So is career coaching right for you?

That depends on your answer to this question: on a scale of 1-10, how much of a priority is it to change or develop you career right now?

If you’re a 10, and you’re ready to take some serious action, a Career Coach will accelerate your progress and help you reach your goals. If you feel stuck, totally overwhelmed and unsure of the right action to take, a coach will help you get clarity and move forward, quickly.

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