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Summer Focus


Your life. your choice. Shine.

I get it, it's the summer holidays, the kids are running wild and you haven't got time to blink let alone think about your career.


But think ahead a few weeks, the kids will be back to school or nursery and you'll be back to work. Imagine hitting the ground running in September, going back to work with a renewed enthusiasm, and a plan to hit that next career goal before the chaos of the Christmas period kicks in.

Sounds good right?

And the best bit? It only takes 90 minutes.

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Summer  Focus Session

A single intense burst of coaching to help you think about your immediate next steps, navigate a particular situation such as an upcoming interview, or to explore a specific new career direction, and put in place a plan of action.

This package includes:

 - Pre-session questionnaire to clarify goals for the session 

 - 90 minute session - either face to face (if in South West London / North Surrey) or Skype

 - Optional 15 minute follow-up call 1 week after the session.

These sessions can be booked individually for £75, or in blocks of 5 for £350, or 10 for £650. To learn more or to book a session with me, please contact me via the button below. 

For packages over £300, payment plans are available.