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Sunbed Dreaming

If you are anything like me (or like me before having kids at least!), you spend a long time looking forward to your summer holiday – a couple of weeks away from the daily grind and a change of scenery.

Add into that some time to reflect on what’s going on in your life (possibly over a few cocktails) and time spent with loved ones and it’s no wonder we often spend time on holidays making grand plans to change our lives, full of hope and determination.

You will also be no doubt familiar with the sense of dread that looms as the end of the holiday approaches. The thought of going back to everyday life and the realisation that we made similar plans on the sunbed last year can leave us depressed and demoralised, with serious back-to-reality blues.

But does the hope and determination we felt on holiday have to fade along with our tan?

Whilst it is fun to dream on holiday, considering practical actions that we can take forward when we get home can actually help to get towards our goals and ensure that we don’t arrive at the sunbed next year in the same position as this year. These can be things like talking to bosses to improve our work situation, allocating time in our day for working out or having some me-time, or agreeing to one evening a week where both partners are at home and having a family sit down meal.

For me, it’s about trying to take away the best bits of the holiday, and recreate the feeling of relaxation when I’m at home. I quite enjoy attempting to recreate the food we’ve had as I find that it gets me back in the holiday vibe!

When it comes to big realisations about life choices, such as wanting to retrain or change career completely, making notes of people to talk to when back at home, things to look into or further information required (along with completion dates) can really help to bring the determination we often feel on holiday back to reality with us.

If this article has rung any bells with you and you’d like to take that first step, please get in touch.

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