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DiSC Assessments

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What is DiSC?

DiSC is a psychometric test designed to identify your personal 'style' - your strengths, your preferred working styles and environment and how you communicate with others. It can help you understand those around you, build better teams and get better results in your professional and personal life.

DiSC allocates a prominent ‘behaviour style’ to you based on your preference for certain statements. There are 4 distinct styles - Dominant, Influencing, Supportive and Conscientious - each with their own characteristics,  although obviously we are all a blend of each of the types, just in different proportions!

The best way to think about it is to imagine a sliding scale for each of the 4 types – it’s about looking at where you are on a scale for each type, exploring which behaviour type comes most naturally to you, and how you can use this to your advantage.
















What can DiSC give you?

DiSC can shed light on:

 - why we click with some people but lock horns with others

 - why we act in certain ways in certain situations 

 - why we prefer to do certain tasks,

 - how to build more effective teams, have more productive conversations at work and how to ‘manage your manager”!

It can also help you identify your 'super powers' - those things which you are great at but which come so naturally to you that you often overlook them. These often hold the key to working out the type of of work that would leave you challenged and fulfilled. 

What is a DiSC Assessment?

A full DiSC assessment is a short (7 minutes or less) test where you answer questions about which statements describe you most and least in a certain setting (I use work but you can do other settings). This gives amazing insights into not only your natural behaviour style, but also the particular blend of characteristics that make you ‘you’ and explores how this changes in a work environment, and under stressful circumstances.



A full assessment produces 3 graphs that demonstrate this visually, which allows for an in depth exploration of the changes seen in the different environments. This can be really useful when looking at why you may not be happy at work, or when exploring potential new directions.





Examples of DiSC graphs produced in the full assessment


My DiSC Package

I love DiSC - I love seeing the looks on my clients faces as we go through the results! It is often scarily accurate, which is why I offer as standard as part of my Explore packages, and as an optional extra in my Insight packages. 

Because I love it so much I've decided to start offering it as a standalone package. My DiSC package contains:

 - Online DiSC Assessment through a dedicated DiSC portal

 - Detailed 10-15 page report going through your behaviour style

 - 45 minute follow up session where we go through the report, and what the findings might mean for you.

All of this for just £60. 

If you are interested in finding out more, why not book a free 20 minute Discovery call with me, where we can chat about DiSC, coaching in general, and what you are looking for?

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