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Build a working life that works for YOU.


There's just too much to do....

You are overwhelmed by the constant feeling of "too much to do and not enough time" and hate the fact that you feel like you are always playing catch up in your own life.


You'd rather be spending time with the people you love, doing the things that make you happy, but there is just so much else going on, so may things to get done.


There's never a moment to switch off, to relax, not with a to-do list as long as your arm. 

You're fed up of having no energy, and the daily 4pm crash gets you reaching for the biscuit tin more often than you'd like.


What if you could get rid of the never ending to-do list and the endless 'busy work'?


What if you could focus on what was important (in life and work) without feeling like you're being pulled in 10 different directions?

What if you could wake up feeling energised, and make it through the day without the energy rollercoaster?

What if you could go to bed feeling calm, in control, and ready to face another day…..?


What if there was another way?

T.E.A. is the answer...

In order to build a working life that works for you, you need to focus on one thing - YOU:

Your TIME  - how much time do you REALLY have? And how do you want to spend that time? 

Your ENERGY - how can you maximise your energy levels so that you get your best work done?

Your ATTENTION - when are you able to focus? And how can you still get things done when you are juggling 101 different things?


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I'm Vicki - list maker, tea drinker and mum of 2 boisterous boys - and I'm believe that everyone can find a way of working that works for them.

I'm a work life and productivity coach and for me, productivity isn't just about being more efficient and cramming more into our lives.

I  help busy, overwhelmed people focus on what's important  so that they can get what they need to do done, and then get back to doing the things they love with the people that are important to them. 

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