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Coaching FAQs

1.  What is coaching? 


Coaching helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be in life. How? Mostly (but not exclusively) through questions. It's my job to ask you the questions you've been avoiding asking yourself for a while. 

Before we get into any more detail - here’s a few things that coaching isn't:


  • It isn't telling you what to do. I will offer tips, tools and new perspectives that you might not have considered. Then you get to choose what you do with the information. 

  • It isn’t a 'wave a magic wand', quick-fix solution, but working with a coach means you will get where you want to be much quicker than working through it on your own. 


  • Coaching isn’t therapy or counselling. We don't focus on why you have got to where you are now - we instead we look at where you are now and asks “right, so what’s next?” The only time we will look at past experiences is to figure out what we can learn from them, and how we can use the lessons learned to move forward. ​

2. Will it definitely help me change career?

I'd love to be able to guarantee that it will, but like all coaching programs, the answer is "it depends". If you commit to the work, and focus your time and energy on it, even when it's a bit uncomfortable, then yes, you'll get the outcome you want.   

3. It’s a lot of money- is it worth it?


I can't answer this for you - only you can figure out how much feeling fulfilled, content, and in a career you love is worth to you.  To help you figure it out, here are some questions for you to consider:


  • How much is enjoying your job worth to you?

  • What are the benefits / problems associated with not focusing on your career right now?

  • What thoughts come up for you when you think about investing this money in yourself? Are those thoughts true?


It is totally normal to feel scared about taking the leap of faith and investing in yourself - but understanding where you are right now, and the impact that this is having on both you and your family can help you to explore what might be the best direction for you.


4. I'm not sure if I need a life coach or a career coach...


I'm a career coach for a very specific reason - to help people build their best work lives. We spend a crazy amount of time working, and so if that's not right, the chances are you are feeling the effects across the rest of your life too. That is why I spend so much time focusing on what's important to you and what you want your career to look like, but we'll also look at how work fits into your overall life plan, and how you envisage work and life blending for you.   

I don't tend to do job-search coaching, and so if you need some help with things like CV writing or LinkedIn, I can recommend some fab people who might be able to help. 

5. Do you do intensives, or adhoc sessions?

I don't tend to offer single sessions other than as a follow up to a longer block of coaching, simply because career change doesn't happen over night - it takes commitment over a sustained period to really start to se the magic happen. 

However, I'm happy to discuss your requirements with you, and can be flexible as regards timings but the commitment required to see a change through is non-negotiable.  


6. so Why you?


I’m a qualified coach (with a diploma accredited by the International Coaching Federation) and an additional qualification specialising in career change coaching.  I’ve also been where you are, so I really do understand where you are coming from.


But the most important thing when considering whether to work with a coach is whether you are actually the right fit - can you work together, sharing highs and lows, and potentially emotional insights? Can you see yourself working with them?

For me, a good indicator of whether we would be a good fit is whether I would feel comfortable meeting them for a social coffee or drinks.  When you speak to a coach, think about the kind of relationship you can imagine having, and go from there.

If when we talk, we don't feel the fit is right, I will recommend another coach who may be more suitable - the most important thing for me is that you have a great coaching experience, and get the outcomes you really want.

Still not sure if coaching is for you?  Fill in your details here to book a 30 min call with me and we can chat about the kind of career you want to start building (even if you're not even sure what that looks like yet). 

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